November 03, 2005

political realignment

As the political realignment continues old political certainties become less certain in the new enviroment. This is happening most obviously in the pages of The Guardian with it's propagandising for the repressive theocrats of Islamofacsism, but it is happening elsewhere are well such as this guest commenter in The Times who cannot understand the way the Tories are joining with the Lib Dems and Labour rebels (what he calls the 'hard left') to oppose New Labour authoritarianism. The answer is simple left, and 'hard left', or right are becoming increasingly unimportant signifiers. This wasn't about his old fasioned left v. right, it was authoritarian v. liberal with the Tories because of their general small state tendency this time coming out as liberal. He also seems to think that these measures are in some way about defence of the realm. They are not, as EU Referendum blog has covered extensively New Labour does not care at all about this, what it cares about is control and it is this that they where furthing with these measures. Any defence of the realm increases where side effects.


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